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When in doubt go to the ER

Discussion in 'California Flyway Forum' started by Sweatliner, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Sweatliner

    Sweatliner Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 29, 2003
    A couple of weeks ago a buddy died. Found out recently that his family called 911 as he had stroke like symptoms. I guess he declined going to the hospital. He died the next day. I almost made the same mistake this past Spring.

    Had been sick for a couple weeks and had an awful cough. The type where you start to blackout. One night cough woke me up with my head in an awkward position. Felt like I had a pinched nerve in neck and had an odd taste in my mouth/throat. Figured I was sick no big deal. Next day I’m at a supplier eating a granola bar and noticed my tongue was numb on the right side. Had an odd pain from ear to chin. Texted my Wife and asked her to make a same day appointment if possible. She called me back and said they told her I need to go to the ER. I said I’m going home and sleep it off. I’m on the highway heading home and she said the Dr. called her and I needed to go to the ER immediately. Again, because I’m stupid and didn’t want to pay the $100 copay, said I’m fine I’m going home. She says she’s leaving work and will meet me at the ER. I was just about to pass the exit. At the last minute I took it.

    Dr decided to do a CT scan with contrast. She came in and took her mask off and said it’s time to get serious. I had been joking around and laughing while a few hours were passing by. She said you have a dissection of your carotid artery. I’m thinking I have 4 kids in high school and I’m gonna drop dead now, holy smokes. Dr said you need to be transferred immediately to a stroke center in the City.

    A week in the stroke center with IV’s and wires everywhere. Phenomenal people there at CPMC. Countless Dr appointments with MRI’s and CT scans. All clear now.

    I wish my buddy had gone to the hospital. He won’t be able to see his son graduate this year or see his kids live their lives.

    I had never even heard of what happened to me. It was caused from a cough. A cough!

    When you know something isn’t right suck it up and go to the hospital. Don’t be like my buddy and wind up dead.
  2. hunt'ngreen

    hunt'ngreen Elite Refuge Member

    Oct 10, 2006
    Good write up Steve, hopefully some will take heed, to many times the old wipe some dirt on it, or man up theory can kill you. Got to listen to the voice of reason, Glad your alright.
  3. Dakillaofnada

    Dakillaofnada Elite Refuge Member

    Sep 13, 2016
    Thanks Steve, great reminder to take your health seriously.
  4. yellowlabhunter

    yellowlabhunter Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 31, 2014
    Yes sir. My brother almost did not go...kept coughing and in pain for a week. He thought he had Pneumonia. Finally went in and walked into the ER before his appointment the same day...they saw his appearance, nurses rushed him into the back. Long story short, blot clots traveled from legs to lungs, he was just about to buy the farm...they saved him. He too was way stubborn, thought he'd work through it. The Dr told him straight up, he'd be dead before the day was over had he not come in! Boys, when something is not improving, go see the Dr, for Christ's sake!
  5. Quackerpacker

    Quackerpacker Senior Refuge Member

    Jun 23, 2015
    So—been a while since I posted but always enjoy the stories, pics and camaraderie. I read almost 365 days a year but also have to add a timely (we duck hunters are a little stubborn and always hope for the best) warning to us vintage hunters. Stay as healthy as you can! Observe the warning signs!
    I went into the ER, 2nd time in 61 years due to a bad knot in my belly and they said “probably a kidney stone or gall stone.”
    Get a CT scan and in a half hour comes back and say’s “we have very concerning news..”
    5 ORGANS” blah blah blah after that. Stanford Oncologist on board, know more tomorrow.
    Just as I am retiring? Just as I am ready to hunt weekdays?
    Oh well, I will keep on watching this site because it gives me joy and hopefully make the Mallard Legacy Dinner again. Keep or get the youth involved, take out a veteran, shoot high-just kidding.. live and love the challenge. I love waterfowl hunting and all it entails.
  6. Kurt Baer

    Kurt Baer Senior Refuge Member

    Apr 15, 2003
    Yeah, men are the worst at going to the doctor even when they know something isn't right. Known a few men growing up, and heard enough stories like your friend, that I made a vow to myself as a young adult that if something wasn't right I'd see a doctor.

    Damn glad you are OK Steve!
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  7. OGblackcloud

    OGblackcloud Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 23, 2010
    calif / minnesota
    Great write up and some solid advice !
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  8. mark seaters

    mark seaters Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 18, 2004
    Glad that the people around you cared about your health and loved you enough to push you into going and glad you made that turn into the off ramp!

    I too had the heart issue a while back and am preaching the same message you are. I also had a good buddy drop dead a few months back which kind of opened My eyes and if he would have not been so hard headed would most likely still be with us..

    Doctors and staff are looking at heart attack symptoms A lot differently now days and in doing so I’m sure have saved many lives!

    Great advise, glad your still with us and thanks for sharing.
  9. ducslayer

    ducslayer Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 9, 2007
    A good wake up call for us all no mater what age we are. I'm sure most if not all have health insurance if in question use it!
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  10. Dek

    Dek Elite Refuge Member

    Nov 10, 2003
    Thanks for the heads up. Like every other male I am very lazy about going to see the doctor. Quackerpacker, very sorry to read your post. Hopefully there was some good news for you in the prognosis.

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