Will War even be necessary?

Discussion in 'Political Action Forum' started by WidgeonmanGH, Jun 3, 2021.

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    I believe he was referring to a few years back when the USG actually stopped doing that during a so-called pandemic (people went back to dying from the other things that were killing them). And at some point, when “because COVID” becomes useless, we will stop doing it for this one too. It’s (‘cuz COVID) still just got many miles left to go, IMO. “Because COVID” has permanently changed the way we as a nation do things. Some for the better, some leave me wondering Whiskey Tango Fox. The never ending spending spree on daddy’s credit card and the talk of requirement to freely move about the country are the worst. Everyone just seems OK with it(?).

    Speaking of war (in other news); I heard Muslims are now screaming ‘tolerance’ and claiming Jews are “being intolerant to them”. Why won’t the Jews just tolerate rocket strikes and such? Arab leaders chant “Death to America, Death to Jews”, while screaming ‘tolerance’. It feels comical from the outside looking in. I’m sure plenty on both sides living there don’t see the humor in it.

    Maybe a massive die-off of old Chinese folks happened and the next crop will ease up on communism. A long shot, yes. Stranger things have happened though. Like the Muslim world asking for tolerance in the streets and jihad with the sheikhs. :l
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    There was a video from a loooong time ago where some woke blonde female rioter was launching glass bottles at a police line and took a batton or bean bag round to her head and was screaming/crying "Why are they soooo mean!" Can't make this stuff up. People are stupid.

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    I love seeing ‘mostly peaceful protesters’ karma coming home.

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