Wingnutz Sean Mann Ace single reed mallard call/Gk Giant Slayer Canada Goose Call

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    This description is from Sean Mann’s website.
    These hot new duck calls sport a shorter barrel which gives them faster action a raspier voice and tons of attitude! They are super-easy to operate, and will definitely put more Greenheads in your bag!
    The Ace– Single Reed Duck Call is the Nastiest little single reed you ever heard. Reach out and touch a passing flock ear and then watch ‘em put their toes in the water right in front of you and your hunting crew.
    This Wing Nutz Ace has a Cocobolo Barrel with an Amber Acrylic Insert.
    Asking $85

    This description is from the GK website.
    The Giant Slayer has a sleek, band-less design incorporating a short barrel and an insert that offers the perfect amount of built in back pressure; making the call very easy to operate. This call is molded out of a performance hardened polymer, giving the call extreme tonal range. The Giant Slayer produces a deep full sound at a very affordable cost.
    Asking $50
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