Would like to try a sea duck hunt.

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Dec 5, 2002
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Pottstown, PA
Hi guys, I haven't posted since last year/ hope all is well with everyone.

This is my second year here in NY but I have yet to actually hunt ducks here. This spring, due to family health issues, I am going to start looking to relocate back to the south. Before I go, I'd like to try a sea duck hunt. In 20 years of duck hunting it is the one type of hunting I have never tried.

While I realize I am probably too late, I'd like to try to find a guide, or just someone to hunt with (I'll buy the gas or whatever else is needed). I would prefer to hunt on LI to avoid buying other licenses. But would consider anything

I will be out out of town from the 5th-16th which does not help.

Can anyone recommend a guide/hunt for that late in the season?

I have heard about public hunts at Parks (or some kind of local govt) operation but would not want to make the trip unless someone was going that knew what they were doing. I have no boat and the only decoys I have are mostly puddle ducks with a few ringnecks/bluebills.

Any thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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Nov 15, 2001
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Newfane, NY
Ruben puts on a good hunt. An eider hunt from a layout boat with Ruben is a great experience.:p :p :D

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