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    Jan 1, 2017
    Well Hi to the old gang. I was Feather on DuckSouth/MSDucks. Good to see you all here. I, too, contributed to the old site but it’s dead apparently. I was lucky (I guess) to be able to buy a small place smack dab in the middle of prime time in Tallahatxhie Co. back in Spring of 2018. Less than 2 miles north of Buzzard Bayou Lake and less than 4 sw of York Woods. It’s been awful. Solid historical hole and not much to talk about. Maybe it’ll get better. Guy surrounding me leveled all his ground and now it’s hard to keep water on my place. I’m about to put a levee all around mine and try moist soil. Please wish me luck and good luck to you all. It’s gotten pathetic but I’m trying to keep my chin up cause I still love it.
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